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My God there are so many careers out there, who in the world can pick just one. That’s what’s been weighing on my mind heavily is what career is right for me. I’ve thought of a couple that interest me but I want to find out everything there is to know about a financial advisor. The reason that I’m interested in this field is how everything is the same when it comes to the actually math behind the career. Also I like to deal with people and money so a job as a financial advisor just seems right for me but I intend to find out as much as I can to make sure there’s nothing surprising or any kinks in what sounds like the perfect job for me.

I really don’t know to much about this career just that they can either deal with selling securities or managing personal finances or just as simple doing taxes and writing financial reports. What haunts me even more is what I don’t know about this career. Are there any aspects of it that I will just hate? Will I make enough money to support the life style I want? What are the future possibilities for career advancement? These are all questions that will weigh very heavily on my decision to become a financial advisor or to find some new career.

I am hoping that the career as a financial advisor is right for me from what I hear from everyone, it seems like a pretty good field to get into. During this paper I plan to find whether this career is actually for me or if it’s time that I change my major yet again. Since I really don’t know what I want to do with the rest of my life, and the career as a financial advisor is just something that came to me in my thoughts I really hope I can find what I need to know to make a decision if this is what I want my life to be.

The first point I would like to...

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...job shadow a financial advisor and really put myself in their shoes to see if this is 100% what I want for my life. I feel that that is the best way to get a real life feel for the career and maybe make a couple friends in the trade all in the same day.

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