Case Analysis: Chesapeake Bank

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The organization selected for analysis in the semester long human resource management project is Chesapeake Bank (Chesapeake financial services & subsidiaries). The bank currently employs 180 people in various positions senior management to non-management positions. Chesapeake Bank offers a variety of financial services from basic personal checking to business loans. The 11 bank branches are located in the northern neck and middle peninsula of the Chesapeake Bay area while the main office is located in Kilmarnock, VA.

Need to include structure and distribution of employees.

Dianne Hall and Pat Lewis were the two persons our group chose to interview. Dianne was chosen because she has been a significant part of Chesapeake Bank for the past 30 years and is now Senior Vice President. She is the only woman in Senior Management and has been a huge part of Chesapeake Bank’s success and growth. Pat was chosen because she is the head of the Human Resources Department at Chesapeake Bank. She is very knowledgeable of the processes used there and has been a substantial resource to the bank and its employees.

The interview process started by organizing ten interview questions compiled from our entire group. Once this was done, Ashleigh took the initiative to e-mail the questions to both Dianne and Pat. This was the only interview conducted for our case study. Our group chose to use Chesapeake Bank’s employee handbook, annual report, and company website as our organizational sources. We chose these three sources because they give us a better understanding of Chesapeake Bank as a whole.

The organizational life cycle of Chesapeake Bank is well into the final elaboration stage. The bank has been in business for quite a long time, and has gone...

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...s will be useful in our careers to follow because we have learned that management must stay congruent with the companies HR strategy. As insignificant one decision may sound it does contribute to the bigger picture that the manager may not see.

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