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A Good Walk Spoiled Essay

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Golf, as Defined by Mark Twain, “is a good walk spoiled”, and too many in this day it is becoming more and more common to be looked at in this way. Golf, beginning around 1996, entered a new era, and that is the one controlled by a sports icon, named Tiger Woods. What used to be a game for elderly gentleman sitting at the country club, playing nine holes a day on a fairly easy golf course, took a whole new shape. Golf became a game of long tee shots and amazingly accurate approach shots, taking the game to a new super low scoring level, that seemed to be only feasible by tour pros, which seem to never miss. With all this change, golf is beginning to lose interest, yet why? Is it because it is too difficult? Not any fun? Or is it just too expensive? Well in all honesty, it may be all of these things and more. Yet, I believe, it is time everyone over looks these hurdles, hops over them, and on to the golf bandwagon, and understand how to enjoy the game, more than ever before.
With the game continuing to progress, it hasn’t gotten any easier, yet that is a simple fix. When it comes to making golf easier, shortening the golf course would be a huge advantage to the everyday golfer. Even just playing from the correct tee box, would have just as big of an advantage. With the PGA tour’s average drive going around three hundred yards, it is understandable to play a course at over seven thousand yards. Yet for the average golfer, who is hitting it around fifty to seventy five yards shorter, it is extremely difficult to shoot a low score. As written by Jack Nicklaus in Golf Digest Magazine, “golfers want a challenge but end up playing from the wrong tees. The game needs to become more concise.” Nicklaus makes a great point in saying this,...

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...t cheaper, lowering club prices and course prices would draw more people to the course and the game, while still allowing for the beautiful views, new equipment, and great ambiance. Yet, golf is also more appealing like everything, when it is relatable to other things, and in my eyes, it is the most relatable to life, more than any other thing. So the next time you go to pick up a new thing to do, don’t leave golf out of the question. Instead jump right into the fun, and realize maybe chasing a little white ball around isn’t so bad after all.

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