My Walk with Nature

My Walk with Nature

In Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie noticed while living in the Everglades that some of the Indians started leaving the town and heading east. She also noticed that the animals started to scatter as well. Janie asked one of the Indians why they were leaving and he said that there was a hurricane approaching. The park ranger that guided us on the slough slog informed the class that this is a fact. The animals as well as the sawgrass know when hurricanes are approaching. The Indians these days know when a hurricane is approaching as well. Yet, these days they most likely find out from the weather channel reports on their big-screen TV's in their casinos instead of analyzing whether or not the sawgrass is blooming! It would have been interesting to have had class this Friday to see for ourselves if the blooming of sawgrass is indeed a fact now that Hurricane Michelle is approaching.

Last Friday there was an abundance of animal life throughout our slough slog since there was no hurricane threatening our coast. Two deer sprinted across the road as we were driving through the tollbooth and I scared Jose Antonio half to death as I screamed upon seeing them. He jumped up in his seat thinking I had crashed into something and was relieved to see that I was only enthusiastically pointing out a couple of deer to him. A mob of black vultures formed a roadblock on our way to the slog. I was delighted to see numerous cricket frogs, both green and brown. We could have held an apple snail bobbing contest with all the apple snails floating on the surface. I constantly had to untangle myself from spider webs that the colorful crab spiders spun between the sawgrass. Dozens of swallows sped across the sky. Anoles firmly grasped onto their sawgrass as we stampeded through their habitat. Crayfish swam circles around my feet each time the ranger stopped to point something out for us. Mosquito fish nibbled at my fingers as I sat on a submerged cypress having our book discussion. Plus, I'm sure that for every animal that I saw there were probably a hundred more I missed. Would things still look the same this Friday? Or have the animals started evading Hurricane Michelle?

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