A Crime Of Creating A Fake Bomb Essay

A Crime Of Creating A Fake Bomb Essay

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According to Cable News Network, on Monday September 14th 2015 a fourteen year old boy named Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing a “hoax bomb” to his Irving Texas high school. The boy who loves inventing and wants to attend MIT, said he brought the homemade clock to school to impress his engineering teacher. The teacher told him it looked like a bomb and he should not show anyone else his invention. Another teacher saw the clock and alerted school officials, Mohamed was later, arrested, interrogated and suspended for what police called “a crime of creating a fake bomb”( Fantz, Almasy, and Stapleton, 2015). There is much controversy over this teen’s arrest, the supporters of Ahmed say it was due to prejudice and discrimination against Muslims, since Ahmed and his family are Muslim and live in a predominantly white southern state. According to Saini, since the tragedy of 9/11 Americans are more likely to discriminate against Muslims, based off fear therefore creating the stereotypes that all Muslims are “anti-American” and “terrorists” (2015). Ahmed said in an interview following ...

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