The Differences Between High School Vs. College

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High School Vs College There are a lot of differences between high school and college. Some of the differences are the education, the professors, and the students. This essay will explain the difference between high school and college. College education is very different from high school. It is different because there are certain topics that teachers can’t discuss with their students. For example, religion and a person’s sexual orientation. These topics are avoided because the schools don’t want to offend any students. The schools are being cautious because if they do offend a student they can get sued by the student or their parents. Since certain topics are avoided, most high school students tend to be close minded. This is the reason why…show more content…
They only believe that what they know is right because they weren’t taught any better. High school education only teaches students the basic information about a subject. Teachers don’t go into vast detail about the subject, because they are only teaching what is required, in the journal Transitions from High School to College it states, “On the academic side, many studies over the past ten years have documented the disconnect between what high school teachers teach and what postsecondary instructors expect with regard to students’ preparation for first-year credit-bearing courses in college” (Venezia, 2013). This journal explains why college and high school education are so different. Also, college is not free. Most students are in debt because they get loans to pay for their college education. In high school, students are not aware that high school is being provided to them without them paying a dime. In college, professors go into detail about the subject. Professors require their students to participate in class and give their honest opinion about the issues surrounding the topic. College professors want their students to be…show more content…
In high school, the teacher pretty much babysits the students. The teacher always has to get on their students to pay attention in class, to do their work, and to stay awake during the lecture. Also high school teachers don’t really expect their students to read ahead in their textbooks. In college the professors are very different. College professors expect the best from their students, because they know that their students are spending a very large sum of money in their education. The professors expect their students to read their textbooks before class, and to do their homework. They also expect their students to stay awake during the lecture, if not they will kick the student out. College professors don’t care if a student doesn’t turn in their homework or if they forget to read a chapter in their textbook. College professors are not worried about this because it’s not their grade, they already have their degree. Also, college professors won’t accept any late work. They also are very strict on absences and most college professors will rarely give any extra credit to replace a student’s absences. This is one of the reasons why high school teachers and professors are not the

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