A Career Choice For Medical Administrative Assistants Essays

A Career Choice For Medical Administrative Assistants Essays

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A Career Choice You Just Might Love
Any job in the medical field is great, because it will always be needed no matter what. Doctors, nurses, techs, etc. are all very important and necessary people, but the people behind the scenes are just as important, medical administrative assistants. Being a medical administrative assistant seems awfully difficult, you have all these responsibilities but at the end of the day you’ll have a sense of satisfaction because you may have possibly really helped a patient or family with a serious and hard situation. There are different types or categories of medical administrative assistants, you have the front office, the back office, the clinic setting, private practices, and the floating position. Duties for the different positions have a great variation, the requirements may be minimal but it would be in your best interest to seek further education and experience, and the pay is great and varies with each position.
You would need to be educated in both the clinical and administrative sides of a medical office. You will need to know how to do EKGs, preparation of exam rooms, billing and how to read tests from the lab. Excellent people skills will really help in a position like this one. One needs to be willing to work at a fast pace under a RNs and physicians orders of course (“How Much Does an Entry Level Medical Assistant Make?” par. 1).
If you’re working in the front office position you will be answering the phone, passing messages and important information along. You must represent the business professionally to the general public- patients and their family- and you must have knowledge of patient care. Not much is required but it is good to have experience, and you can expect to be making anywh...

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... office and everything she had to say was so reassuring it just helped me know this was the right choice for me. And all this information did was just confirm what I already basically knew. She loves her job even though it wasn’t a decision she had made, she didn’t go to school for it at all. Being able to help patients calm down in tough situations and put their fears at ease has to be a wonderful feeling. It’s not all paperwork and phone calls, it’s interacting with patients as well. You have to be a people person and have professionalism. I know this is right for me because the environment is nice, the pay is great, and the feeling of doing something good for others is even better. I have only good information and have only heard good things. This could possibly be a difficult or stressful career choice depending on the specific position but it is all worth it.

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