A Brief Note On Sexism And Gender Inequality Essays

A Brief Note On Sexism And Gender Inequality Essays

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Sexism and gender inequality are other social concept’s that were portrayed throughout the movie. During this time period women (especially those within upper-class) were expected to dress, act, and talk a certain way (Prezi web). Men were seen as more powerful than women in society. A women’s role included cooking, cleaning, bearing children, and taking care of children. Men were the breadwinners, who kept a roof over their family’s head, and food on the table. In the movie, after the men finish up with dinner they say goodnight to the women, and leave to drink and smoke cigars together. Cal even asks Rose if she’d like him to escort her to the room before he left. The gender inequality is clearly shown within this scene. It is perfectly normal for Cal and his upper-class friends to go out drinking after dinner. Whereas the women must go back to their suites. The morning after Roses’ exciting night with Jack, she sits at breakfast with Cal. He spends the breakfast questioning Rose, telling her, “I hoped you would come to me last night.” Rose was expected to stay in the suite and wait for Cal to return from his night out. Cal demands to Rose, “You’ll never behave like that again Rose, do you understand?” Instead of obeying Cal, like a “lady” is expected to do, Rose snaps back at Cal. She tells him that she knows he had one of his men follow her that night. Cal is furious by her response, flipping the table over, and ordering that Rose does not treat him that way. The scene displays the control that men during this time expected to have over women. Later in the movie Rose asks Jack to sketch her wearing only a diamond necklace (the sketch that the researchers would later find of Rose). The scene displays Rose completely naked, asi...

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... the third class passengers,” (D. Stanley, 5). The discrimination toward the lower-class was so serious that it costs them their lives in the Titanic.
The Titanic was a story of a powerful love story between a member of the upper and lower class. Together they faced several social issues that would make being together almost impossible. The social stratification between classes was obvious throughout the entire movie. It was easily spotted through the way people acted, dressed, lived, and spoke. Rose faced several incidents of gender inequality and sexism from her fiancé, Cal, and even her mother at times. The inequality of income was something that the movie, Titanic, revolved around. Cal used his wealth to control Rose and her family. The discrimination toward the lower-class that was shown throughout the movie also developed into a strong sociological viewpoint.

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