The Titanic: The Titaking Of The Titanic

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“It took two hours and forty minutes for the titanic to sink, just long enough for 2,208 tragic performances to unfold, with the ships lights blazing” (Sides 2). April 1912 the white star line’s pride, the titanic, left for its voyage that would change history forever. While traveling through the Atlantic Ocean they collided with an ice berg causing fractures throughout the boat. The ice water filled the compartments causing the front of the boat to weigh down the back, separating the boat in two. Research shows that the cause of the Titanic’s sinking was due to a dramatic increase in the probability of running into an iceberg and its high speed while traveling through the North Atlantic Shipping Lanes in 1912. As a consequence of the sinking, the U.S. Coast Guard now runs the international ice patrol and monitors the ice bergs by radar and satellite. Also it is now required to carry binoculars and radio connector all times on a ship.
In 1912, the “Mother of All Shipwrecks” went down including the trust of all future technology. Jim Willis states in 100 Media Moments that Changed America that, “The Titanic was the pride of the white starline” (Willis 48). The white starline put so much confidence in the titanic they decreased the number of life boats on board. The Titanic’s massive size was the only record it truly held. William H. Garzke from The World Book explains that “Many people believed the ship was unsinkable because its new hull was divided into 16 water tight compartments” (Garzke 300). These water tight compartments had such a small chance of any water escaping past them, that the boat could still stay afloat even with a few compartments filled with water. The water compartments were so sealed that the never imagined t...

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...that even people today still are effected with. But even though this tragedy occurred it has saved our future from have a wreckage any thing close to that one.
The Titanic’s wreckage was due to the high speed the boat was going and the increase in icebergs entering the North Atlantic Shipping Lanes in 1912. The sinking of the Titanic worried people, so as an effect, by radar and satellite, people, like the U.S. Coast Guard, now monitor icebergs all over the country. While the titanic was the pride to the White Star Line, her sister ship Olympic was almost exactly the same but faster. In 1912 over 1,000 icebergs entered the North Atlantic Shipping Lanes. After the incident happened, people feared the future of technology. The problem with this world is that there is too much trust in our technology. Our technology has flaws and we can’t be given it too much credit.
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