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The Cause of the Loss of Life on the Titanic Imagine you’re peacefully sailing along on a giant cruise liner in the middle of the ocean. But suddenly, you feel a shaking and the boat starts to tip. But how could this be? This boat is supposed to be unsinkable. People run to the far side of the boat, trying to avoid impending doom. Panic sets in aboard the Titanic. There are many theories of the cause of this loss of life, but I believe that the primary cause of catastrophic loss of life on the Titanic was the poor communication between crew members because a critical iceberg warning was never delivered to the captain, the Titanic was traveling at full speed in an ice field, and the captain of the ship was very relaxed about the iceberg, making it not seem like a threat. One of the examples of poor communication between crew members on the Titanic was the way they handled the iceberg warnings that arrived. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the cause of the loss of life on the titanic, stating that the poor communication between crew members was the primary cause.
  • Analyzes how the radio operator, jack phillips, received an iceberg warning from another ship and gave it to the captain, who handed it off to bruce ismay.
  • Analyzes how poor communication was involved in the sinking of the titanic. the video "titanic at 100: mystery solved" states that the crew did not realize the danger and saw no reason to slow down.
  • Analyzes how poor communication affected the interpretation of how much of a threat the iceberg was perceived as throughout the crew.
  • Explains that the titanic's crew had poor communication with issues that came up throughout the journey, which may have led to the sinking of the ship.

According to the story “From Exploring the Titanic”, Captain Smith did not seem all that worried about the iceberg and brushed away most of the iceberg warnings. This caused the rest of the crew to also ignore the iceberg warnings, showing the poor communication between the crew. The article “Titanic Past and Present” also states that Smith didn’t make sure the navigation crew was aware of the ice warning and did not post the warning to the chart room. This shows that Smith was very relaxed about the iceberg and did not see it as a threat, and so by the time they realized it was a real danger, it was too late and was responsible for the sinking of the ship. In summary, because of the captain’s laid-back attitude towards the iceberg, the crew did not see it as a threat, so they did not pay attention when they were approaching the ice field, and only turned in time to avoid hitting it head-on, but it still scraped the side of the

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