A Brief Note On Low Fat And Low Carbohydrate Diet Essay

A Brief Note On Low Fat And Low Carbohydrate Diet Essay

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The evidence was found from other papers,and there are some methodology drawbacks.When compared the low fat and low carbohydrate diet,researcher collect data from 17 trails without specific patient-level data.The other research based on the CHD rate only had 148 men and women participants and only 119 of them finished the trail,so that the sample size is not representative to draw a conclusion.Moreover,the result is lack of heart disease end point.The trail for women was lack of long-term intervention data.It just focus on women aged 50-79,the data can not represent all age groups.[6]When focus on saturated fat,the trail collect the data from 6 RCT,but only one of them had healthier participants.And the trail for women just last for two weeks.Short time has uncertain factors.Even some of the trail did not have control groups.[7]These are drawbacks of the trail method.Therefore,the conclusion need to be evaluated.
Except these methodology disadvantages,the recommendation is not reliable to some extent because some unqualified opinion and has conflict with other researches.This report suggests that sugar has no benefits,however,there are other findings.Studies have indicated that high sugar consumption has connection with greater mental distress, especially in women with diabetes or depression.[8]The evidence that finally decided the recommendation of fat suggest low fat diet is not really helpful to reduce the risk of obesity and CHD.These trials do not have control group and did not mention the influence of high fat diet.Also in these RCT,low fat is less than 30% food energy,this standard is just the level of WHO standard of DRV,actually it may not be considered as low fat.And there was no other description of low fat...

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...griculture can influence the dietary patterns.When we focus on global situation, the recommendation should take these factors into consideration.
In general,NOF report gives very clear recommendation and receives wide attention..It suggests that;1)Fat does not make people fat.2)Saturated fat is not associated with CHD and total fat diet has health benefits.3)Sugar consumption for health should be zero.4)consumption of industrial vegetable oil should be avoid.Although these recommendation are established based on some limited evidence ,some of the recommendations are still difficult to achieve and do not have wide public and community acceptance.The implications of developing these recommendations are to improve dietary quality and reduce the risk of diseases caused by unhealthy diets.Therefore, this recommendation needs to make the appropriate adjustments

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