Comparing and Contrasting the Atkins and South Beach

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Comparing and Contrasting the Atkins and South Beach Diets The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar machine, perpetually fueled by not only new information, but also data that have remained true for decades. Although it is unsurprising that the human body will lose weight when it expends more calories than it consumes, new findings lead to several alternative diets and weight loss methods that gain much more popularity than the basic concept of eating less and exercising more. For several decades, the Mayo Clinic diet, which was never actually invented or been approved by the true Mayo Clinic, has been used by dieters as a way to quickly lose body fat. This diet suggested that by replacing one’s daily carbohydrate intake with protein, the person would be able to lose weight. Recently, the low carbohydrate diet, an echo of the original misnamed Mayo Clinic diet, has gained much attention for both its success and failure as a method of weight loss. Studies show that there is no specific nutrient, including carbohydrates, proteins, and even fats, that directly causes a person to gain or lose weight. The pivotal factor in weight loss is the capability to consume less fuel than the body needs to burn in order to function. However, two large weight loss food corporations, Atkins Nutritionals and the South Beach Company, have successfully marketed their own brand of low carbohydrate diets. These low carbohydrate diets share many similarities, while maintaining distinct modifications between the diet methods. Both brands of this restrictive diet share the foundation of the recommended daily food pyramid, but in both cases, the pyramid is turned upside down, where meats and fats are consumed much more often than grain... ... middle of paper ... ...fered some users success in losing weight. Both the South Beach and Atkins diets adopt the theory that low carbohydrate consumption results in rapid weight loss and use a 3-phase attack to ease the user into long-term weight loss. However, the South Beach diet gives users more options, which include healthy carbohydrates instead of simple ones, while maintaining low daily caloric totals. Alternatively, the Atkins diet does not stress moderation when eating, and its rigid regime may take practice achieving. Since these diets are relatively new, there is not enough evidence to make a conclusion on the health risks involved in consuming large amounts of protein, while avoiding key nutrients and fiber found in fruits and vegetables. Sources:

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