A Brief Note On Advocacy And Social Action Essay

A Brief Note On Advocacy And Social Action Essay

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Advocacy and Social Action

The report should outline:
• What the issue is
Over the past twenty-two years, countries and international bodies have put in considerable efforts to achieve progress on child and maternal morality. This has resulted reduction in the number of children dying from preventable diseases each year, who are under the age of five, from twelve million to seven million, which equates to forty two percent decrease. However, the issue till persists, as 7,500 children under the age of five are still dying each day (Coghlan 2013). Child health is inter-linked with maternal health too, as children below the age of five are ten times more prone to die by the age of five, if their mother dies while giving birth (World Vision 2012). Therefore, the issue here is about the developments appertaining to child and maternal health as stipulated in the fourth and fifth objectives laid down in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Years after nations across the globe adopted the MDGs, the initiatives to spearhead the achievement of the two objectives; maternal and child health, are not yielding the expected outcomes, particularly in the developing world where it is still a great challenge (World Vision 2015). As a result, World Vision, to be able to raise awareness about these issues, launched the campaign Child Health Now, on which this report is based.

• Why the action is needed
Hundred and eighty-nine countries, including Australia, had signed the United Nations The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2000 and had set to achieve them by 2015. Out of which, two of their agendas is to decrease under–five child deaths by two- thirds and maternal deaths b...

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