You Should Prepare Your Kids For Dream Big Essay

You Should Prepare Your Kids For Dream Big Essay

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On that note, you should prepare your kids to dream big. You should encourage them towards whatever they want to achieve. You should also:

- Allow them to explore through play so that they can figure out who they are and what they enjoy.

- Give them a variety of books and educational games to play.

- Allow them to dream as big or as small as they want.

- Give them the recognition they deserve for what they do.

I actually know one mother and father who puts their 7-year-old down at every turn. Unfortunately, the grandmother does as well. They tell her that she is too fat, too loud, too much of a liar, too mean, too this and too that. The kid used to be full of imagination and dreams, but now she sits quietly in the corner of the room afraid to be who she wants to be. It is one of the most abusive things I have ever seen, and it is the ultimate example of how perception makes you into someone you are not, as well as why we need to encourage our kids (and ourselves) to dream big and be who they are.

Lastly, many people will tell you that you have to set realistic goals, but it 's important to remember that the term realistic is subjective. What one person feels is realistic may be too farfetched for someone else. For instance, Bill Gates had the goal to get a computer in every single home. At the time, that goal would have seemed unrealistic to most people, but to him it was something that he thought could happen. Therefore, if you find that a lot of people around you think that your dreams are too big, remember this little fact and decide for yourself.

Is It Really Important To Dream Big?

I don 't think everyone was meant to dream big in the sense that other people may view 'dreaming big '. I think some people have s...

... middle of paper ...

...'m too old

- I don 't have enough money

- I need 'this ' to be successful

- I 'm underqualified

- Other people won 't let me do what I need to do

- I will get it done eventually, but today I 'm going to be lazy

Once you stop making excuses, you will get busy doing what you need to do to reach your dreams.

Is It Ok To Give Up On Your Dreams?

Some dreams expire. You may have always wanted to be a scientist, for example, but now you no longer have the drive to do that and you would rather be something completely different. That 's fine! Don 't stress yourself out and keep trying to go after something that you no longer want. You are allowed to change your mind in this life!

As new things happen to you, new discoveries about yourself are made. You may realize things that impact your passions in life, and that 's when dreaming big takes on a whole new vision.

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