The Amazing Doris Day

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Many people see Doris Day as a role model for her love and dedication to the film and music industry. Day's personality on screen became the ideal girl of the 1950's. Since she was such a role model, she is remembered by many people who continue to look up to her.
Doris Day grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was born on April 3, 1924 (Kehoe 120). Her real name is Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff. She was told Kapplehoff was too long for a good music appeal, so she changed her last name to Day after a song that was popular at the time called “Day after Day” (“About Doris;” Kehoe 120). Her mother named her after a silent music actress, Doris Kenyon, because she admired her so much (“About Doris”).
Day lived with her mom since her parents got a divorce while she was still a child (“Doris Day Biography”). Her mother, Alma Sophia Welz, was an outgoing lady who loved listening to country music. Her father, Frederick Wilhelm (later William) Von Kappelhoff, taught music, worked in the church as a choir master and church organist. He enjoys listening to classical music. Day is the youngest of three children. She has two brothers, Richard, who died before she was born and Paul who is a few years older. Like every girl growing up in the 1930s, Day loved music and dance (“About Doris). When Day was in her early teens, she was in She once performed a dance at a local talent show with her friend and they won $500.00. When Day was in her early teens, she was in a wreck that changed her life forever. The car she was in was hit by a train. The accident kept her in the hospital for nearly a year. The tragic accident ruined her dream to become a dancer (“Kehoe 120”).
When Day was just in 10th grade she dropped out of high school (“Kehoe 120”). She w...

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... to take roaming dogs back to their owners, and gives them a lecture on the thoughtfulness of letting a dog run free. “Dogs are just as important to me as people” she once said. She rarely makes public appearances today, and almost all of them are for the Doris Day Animal League, an organization dedicated to control pet overpopulation. She also is a part owner of a hotel in Carmel, California. The hotel allows people to bring their pets to stay with them, it also keeps a scrapbook with pictures of happy four footed customers (“Kehoe 120”).

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