Personal Narrative: Senior Year

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Walking into Walnut Hills High School right now would have anyone thinking the just walked into the middle of a tornado. Everyone you look there are students running in and out of doors, in and out of cars, and most certainly either turning in missing assignments or retaking tests. There is only one way for you to explain all this ciaos, Senior Year, the year that all teens await with so much excitement and ambition and the year that every single hour long study dates pays off. For the class of 2021 this isn’t just their final year at Walnut Hills this is the year that friends separate and head off to their different university to follow their dreams. Picture day is approaching quickly and every single one of these seniors if excited to put …show more content…

By the time she looked up at the clock it was 11:28, she had two minutes, Armani had no time to make sure she had everything she just took off running leaving Tristan mid-sentence as well as leaving her cap behind in her haste. As soon as she arrived home she was once again in the clothes she had on before her godmother had appeared. Her hair was a mess again and her makeup was all gone, but she had no time to worry about the missing cap for she knew Jaelyn would be walking through that door any second and she still needed to finish cleaning her room. She quickly finished cleaning and went to bed to get some rest, as she lay in bed she turned on her phone and could see that her social media accounts were blowing up with the search for the mystery senior that had Tristan going crazy. The minute that he posted a tweet that said he had her cap almost everyone in the entire school had replied saying it was theirs. This made Armani laugh and thinking nothing of it she replied with a comment “wonder who’s” with that she went to

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  • Explains that walnut hills high school's senior year is the year that all teens await with so much excitement and ambition.
  • Analyzes how the 18-year-old armani was a very intelligent young lady despite what her peers may say. jaelyn, her stepsister, was hideous.
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