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World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc
The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc trading as WWE is one of the several entertainment companies based in America that are privately owned and controlled and publicly traded that concentrates on professional wrestling. Majority of their income is based on the music, films, product licensing as well as direct product sales. It is apparently the largest professional wrestling company in the world with a viewership of up to 13 million people in the USA only and reaching out to other 145 countries in 30 different languages. WWE has two major brands that it works under; Raw and SmackDown.
The mission of the WWE Inc is to provide a worldwide range of products in line of entertainment. This solicits a passionate and emotional response from their fans that is unique. WWE intends to meet this mission objective by a continued creation of leverage through their talent and content allover the world which will give them revenue and strength.
The business strategy that WWE works with is based on the content and the use of Television media to reach their clients. A prominent statement by the WWE Inc now is many websites reads as below (Construction executive, 2011) “Our formula is straightforward. We develop compelling content anchored by our Superstars. We market this content to drive television ratings, which, in turn, drive pay-per-view buys, live event attendance, traffic, and branded merchandise sales and other business initiatives. Our strategy is to capitalize on the significant operation leverage if our business model through the distribution of this intellectual property across existing media platforms, as well as new and emerging distribution platforms. We are working to expand the ...

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...recording, all these against their will hence losing some of the athletes.

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