World of Winds: A Fictional Narrative Essay

World of Winds: A Fictional Narrative Essay

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Iroh sipped on a cup tea. "Zuko, she is telling the truth."
"How can you believe that?! She is psychotic if she believes she from another world!”
Iroh shrugged "Maybe, but that is her business. There is a reason for everything, but also don’t forget the spirits." Iroh poured himself another cup of tea. "They are mysterious and the universe works in ways we never imagine… I suggest we keep her here a little bit longer, just a week, to see how things work out.”
Iroh sipped on a cup tea. "Zuko, she is telling the truth."
"How can you believe that?! She is psychotic if she believes she from another world!”
Iroh shrugged "Maybe, but that is her business. There is a reason for everything, but also don’t forget the spirits." Iroh poured himself another cup of tea. "They are mysterious and the universe works in ways we never imagine… I suggest we keep her here a little bit longer, just a week, to see how things work out.”
“No, I want her gone!”
Iroh stood up, “We already left the air temple and we don’t need to restock for another week. We can’t toss the poor girl over open water.”
The idea to Zuko was very tempting, but at the same time he was slightly curious about the girl. If the spirits did send her here from a different world, or universe. “Fine, but she doesn’t get in my way, or I will throw her overboard.”

A day passed since I had tried to convince Zuko and his uncle that I wasn’t from around here. I stayed in sick bay, which wasn’t all that bad, Iroh sat and talked to me about where I was from as I explained what my homeland was like. Iroh seemed quite amazed when I explained a little history to him and told him how much I wished had a map to show the states.
When I finished my question Iroh a few things ...

... middle of paper ...

... kid.”
I was left alone in sick bay to be alone with my thoughts. I pulled back the zipper and rummaged threw my bag. I was able to find everything that was in there even my MP3. I smiled to see I had a little bit over 70 percent. I turned it off before stuffing it back into my back. I decided that I should have a little look around the ship. I slipped out of bed and placed my shoes on and walked out going down the halls brushing my hair into a loose ponytail. I roamed the halls not sure where I was going. Though I was hoping to find my way to the deck to get some fresh air. I hated being cooped up, as much as I hated being on dry land.
The pain in my side was a dull pounding warm sensation as I walked. I didn’t think too much of it when I reached the outside deck at the end of a long hallway. I stepped slowly out onto the deck to feel the warm sun on my face.

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