The Grains: Narrative Fiction

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When Flame woke up, he found Resha staring at him. With groggy eyes, he stared back. "What?" He finally managed to ask. "You really need Cassandra back. I don't think being away from her for so long is good for you," Resha commented softly. "What are you talking about?" "You were talking about her _all_ night." Flame's eyes widened as he sat up. "Ugh," He ran his hand through his hair. "I can't help it, I'm worried." "Why?" Resha leaned back. "Well, you see," His voice trailed off as he looked away from Resha. "What happened?" Flame leaned forward with his head in his hands. "The other night when I had that nightmare, it was more than that. When we left, Cassandra was acting strange. She kept telling me she had something to tell me but she never got to it. My dream, though. I dreamed that we were in Sorrow's Vile, me and her, and we were running down the halls until we were in a circle. Then she told me she was," Flame paused, staring wide eyed at the ground. "She was?" Resha questioned. "She was what?" "Expecting," Flame's eyes closed. "We ran a little while longer until there was no escape. You then took her away and I fought off the guards, but I don't think I made it." "So it's more than Cassandra's safety you're worried about?" Resha smiled from his bed. "Yeah," Flame looked away again then sighed. "Resha, I don't know if I can do it, if it is true anyway. I didn't grow up with parents and I was raised forcibly. I don't wanna treat any child of mine the same way I was, I wouldn't be able to stand it. Resha, I have no idea how to raise a child." Resha laughed. "Oh Flame. I didn't either. But, if Cassandra is expecting then let me tell you this. As soon as the child is born you'll be fine. Instinct takes over," H... ... middle of paper ... ...d him though? You can't see the light anymore." "True, but let me show you this," Amber smiled, the last of her tears disappearing. She held her hand out to the sky. As she did so, a spiral of embers came flying towards her from the sky. "How are you doing that?" Flame gasped. "It's fire." As soon as all the embers reached Amber, they formed a circle. "Watch, we'll be able to see Resha currently. This will help us find him," Amber informed. In the circle formed Resha patting Cassandra's back as she began coughing again. Flame's eyes widened. "Cassandra!! What's she doing here?" He looked towards the forest. "We need to find them now!" His heart was beating fast as thoughts swarmed his mind with Cassandra, the main one if she was okay or not. By the looks of it, she was in pain. It tortured him to see her this way. He _had_ to get to her, and soon. _Very_ soon.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how resha commented on cassandra's return. "i don't think being away from her so long is good for you."
  • Analyzes how flame's eyes widened as he sat up. "ugh," he ran his hand through his hair.
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