Women 's Roles Of The Religions Of Judaism, Hinduism, And Christianity Essay

Women 's Roles Of The Religions Of Judaism, Hinduism, And Christianity Essay

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Women’s Roles

This paper researches various issues effecting women in the religions of Judaism, Hinduism, and Christianity. The paper explores women’s issues such as religious roles, marriage, and education. Women engaged in these religions share many similarities and differences with other women in Judaism, Hinduism, and Christianity. This paper explains the views each of these issues put on women and how they have changed throughout the years. Women have tried, and some have succeeded, to bring equality.
Around the world, throughout many different countries, and through history, every woman has experienced inequality. Many of these inequalities start from the religious scriptures from the Bible, stating that men are superior to women. Women’s functions are to be a good wife, produce children, and stay at home. When acknowledging the roles women play within the religions, Judaism, Hinduism, and Christianity share some similarities and differences that women have to offer.
The history of Jewish women begins with the biblical period. According to the Encyclopedia of Religion, some narratives in the Bible suggest that women could take on higher roles as a prophet, but some other narratives explain that women are highly sexualized and seduce for use of female power (Jones, 3351).
The religious roles women play in Judaism also constitutes to their household role. The most important aspects of a religious woman’s life were the household preparation for religious traditions such as family celebrations for religious life (Meyers, 159). Another issue connected to the status of religious roles by women, according to the Encyclopedia of Women, in the world of Halakhah, public prayer by women, is prohibi...

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...ticated loving wife that is able to birth children and take care of the household. Judaism, Hinduism, and Christianity are all patriarchal religions with the view that women are just there to be a helping hand.
Judaism and Hinduism were not very open to the idea of educating women and girls for they were only supposed to know domestic duties, whereas Christianity allowed women education and roles of leadership. Marriage in Judaism and Hinduism was typically assigned for the woman based on social class, in Christianity marriage was whom you wanted to share your life with.
Even though there was and are women issues, we have to remember that this society and religions are working and have come a far way for equality for women. Religions around the world are respecting women in more ways than the past, but women around the world are still fighting for equal rights.

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