Blade Runner and New Brave World's Perspective's on Humanity

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Blade Runner and New Brave World's Perspective's on Humanity Ridley Scott’s film “Blade Runner: Director’s Cut” and Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave New World” explore the concept of ‘In The Wild’ by focusing on the natural world and its rhythms falling victim to unbridled scientific development. They present a wedge that is divorcing man from his relationship with nature, in an attempt to define what it means to be ‘human’. Both texts depict chilling dystopic futures where the materialistic scientific and economic ways of thinking have been allowed to quash the humanistic religious and philosophic ways of thinking, in the name of progress. In their texts, these composers question this progress that they were already witnessing in their own individual contexts, and thus warn future contexts about straying from humanity’s natural origins. Both composers criticize their individual contexts which, though fifty years apart, deal with similar concerns for humanity and the natural environment. Huxley’s context was the aftermath of WW1, where depression and disillusionment saw European countries seeking alternatives to democracy – Totalitarianism. These extreme dictatorial forces promised stability, order and security but at the expense of essential facets of humanity: freedom of choice, emotions, intellectual stimulation and a qualitative relationship with nature. Part of the 1920s melancholy was that the world witnessed their war machines annihilate considerable portions of the human race. Also, in 1913,... ... middle of paper ... ...s science and technology. the natural world and its rhythms being violated by tyrannous scientific development In, Huxley virulently attacks this brutal desire to curb our natural state as humans. Also, after the invention of, caused by witnessing devastating,, he voices his disapproval of man’s perpetual craving for technological progress by satirizing the eternal question of “will science be used for the good of mankind or to destroy it?” voice his own disgust of his context and the deteriorating relationship between man and nature. The very symbol of life – the elemental force of the Sun – is rendered powerless by the smog of this concrete jungle. (Reinforcing the values of materialism and Reagonism is the euphemistic retirement of the Replicants after which, they are collected like garbage.)

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