Essay on Women 's Rights And Education For Mentally Disabled Children

Essay on Women 's Rights And Education For Mentally Disabled Children

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Marie Montessori was a Italian physician and an educator who was best known for philosophy of education that bears her name, Montessori education (Maria Montessori, Wikipedia). She was born on August 31, 1870 in Chiaravalle, Italy. She went to the University of Rome, Medical School. Her intension when going to the University of Rome- Medical School was to study medicine. She enrolled in a degree course in natural sciences, passing examinations in botany, zoology, experimental physics, histology, anatomy, and general and organic chemistry, and earning her diploma di licenza in 1892. Diploma di licenza means License Diploma ( From 1896 to 1901 Maria Montessori worked with and researched so-called "parenthetic" children, also known as children experiencing some form of intellectual disability, or illness. She also began to travel, study, speak, and publish nationally and internationally, coming to advocate for women 's rights and education for mentally disabled children (Maria Montessori, Wikipedia).
During this time Marie began to travel around and speak and study and publish nationally and internationally, coming to prominence as an advocate for women 's rights and education for mentally disabled children. Shortly after Maria had her first and only child in 1898. Maria did not want the relationship between herself and the father of her child, Giuseppe Montesano, a fellow doctor who was co-director with her of the Orthophrenic School of Rome, to go public. The reason for this is because they were not married, and she word was to get out about Maria being married would make it so that she would be asked to stop working. But Maria did not get married because she wanted to continue to work and continue her studies. Afte...

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...he front of the classroom and teach, the teacher would just wonder and help the students learn and assist them as they need it.
These are the stages of development that Maria based her method on. “Infancy (birth-6 years) This stage is characterized by the Absorbent Mind and Sensitive Periods. Childhood (6-12 years) This stage is characterized by stability, having acquired most of the basic skills he will need. Adolescence (12-18 years) At this point, adolescents present a decline in energy, and do not want to be bombarded with learning information. Transition to adulthood (18-24 years) This stage is characterized by career exploration and beginnings stages of careers (Montessori Method (Montessori) - Learning Theories. (2016)).” These four stages of development, or the Planes of development as Maria called them, are incorporated in her child development theory.

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