Women 's Influence On Childhood Experiences And Suicide Attempts Essay

Women 's Influence On Childhood Experiences And Suicide Attempts Essay

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We were impressed with how this article revealed why gender became negligible in the study. We believed that gender was one of the influential factors in association between childhood adversity and suicide attempts, as important as the three different types of adverse childhood experiences. Since women are usually considered emotionally and physically weaker than men and more likely to become victims of sexual abuse, we expected women to be associated with somewhat higher odds of attempting suicide. However, against our expectations, neither men nor women had a marked effect on the result of the study.
The authors achieved their purpose well, for they were able to answer all the questions they posed in the introduction. For their first question, the researchers asked if a relationship between specific adverse childhood experiences and suicide attempts exists; they established that physical abuse, sexual abuse, and parental domestic violence were associated with higher chancers for attempting suicide and that these relationships were independent of one another. For their second question, researchers sought to know if gender moderates the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and attempting suicide; they concluded that their results did not support the notion that gender moderates those relationships. Lastly, the researchers wanted to know if depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and chronic pain serve as mediators of the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and attempting suicide; with the exception of parental domestic violence and depression, each of the variables partially mediated those relationships. The study accomplished its goal of making a contribution in filling the gap among existing studies....

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...hether it is direct or indirect, leads adults to end up attempting to take their own life. Moreover, it was necessary for the researchers to improve in obtaining more evidence on the role of gender in the issue since this article dealt with specific causes of adult suicide.
This article would be useful to others, especially health and mental health professionals. It allows them to understand where intervention would be needed. Less severe forms of child adversity, such as parental domestic violence, were still associated with suicidal tendencies; health professionals now know that even kids who were simply exposed to this harmful factor should be assessed. Furthermore, each type of mediator partially affected the relationship between childhood adversities and suicide. This encourages health professionals to look at multiple different levels where they could intervene.

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