Why Women Should Be A Nurse Or A Teacher? Essays

Why Women Should Be A Nurse Or A Teacher? Essays

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In 1990, women in Canada between the ages of 25 to 54 had a smaller chance of having a post-secondary degree than men; less then 20% had earned a college or university degree (Women and Education). However, two decades later, the situation is totality different as today. In fact, education in Canada has changed in general for all Canadians but more for women. Some education indicators even show that female is superior than male in school. Nowadays the Canadian education is very different than in 1990. Women have more opportunities such as progressing in education, having more job choices and getting job satisfaction.
To begin with, women in Canada are progressing in school and education. Twenty- five years ago, there used to be a lot of bias against women in certain fields and that limited them to study. People used to think that women should study to be a nurse or a teacher because those were considered as women’s jobs. In contrast, if women wanted to be a doctor or an engineer, people may have not accepted that. In 1990, women did not have as many opportunities to study a post-secondary education as compared to today. In 2012, a higher percentage of women 73.2% than men 65.1% aged 25 to 44 years had completed a post-secondary education (Learning-Educational). In fact, according to Job Satisfaction (2015) just 20 years ago, a smaller percentage of women than men had a post-secondary degree. Today the situation is completely different and people’s perceptions about appropriate jobs for women have changed (Job Satisfaction). Today people respect women’s decisions about what they want to study and they are not limited to certain fields as before. Women are more open minded, more interested in education and have more opportunities t...

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... Top Jobs).
In conclusion, the education in Canada is changing for the better. In 1990, women in Canada did not have as many choices or opportunities to study for a post-secondary degree. However, in 2015 education has evolved to encourage more women to enroll in programs that used to be mostly men. Furthermore, when women are well prepared with a post-secondary education they have more knowledge about what they want in the future and they can make better decision about their job and their future. According to research, women in general are satisficed when they achieve the personal goals that they want in their jobs. However, at this moment women are happier in their jobs because companies are giving them fair opportunities to succeed as much as men. Women can have the same opportunities as men, and also women can demonstrate their skills to manage any kind of job.

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