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“The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Introduction On June 24, 2009, The Ontario Ministry of Education introduced Policy/Program Memorandum (PPM) No. 119, titled Developing and Implementing Equity and Inclusive Education Policies in Ontario Schools. Throughout this paper I am going to take a critical look at this policy using a combination of policy analysis approaches. Through my analysis I am hoping to examine, both the intended and unintended effects that may or might have resulted from the introduction and implementation of PPM 119. When I read this document when it first came out, I was very excited about the prospects of what it might mean to education in Ontario. The combination of time and the knowledge that I have gained through this course have allowed me to reflect upon my initial thoughts about PPM 119. Understanding the identified issue being addressed by the policy is the first step, examining how this policy fits into the historical / political context of policy development in the province of Ontario, recognizing the how this educational policy impacts Canada on the global stage, and looking at how this policy was developed and introduced to the public. The Context: The Political Backdrop to PPM 119 Understanding the political landscape of the time can help analyze the how and why surrounding the creation, implementation and impact of PPM 119. In the past 20 years the provincial leadership has moved from the ‘left’ (Bob Rae, NDP) to the ‘right’ (Mike Harris, Conservatives) and finally moving towards the ‘center’ (Dalton McGuinty, Liberal). The drastic change in leadership and political agendas has left behind a wide range of educational policies, all of wh... ... middle of paper ... ...d Inclusive Education in Ontario Schools: Guidelines for Policy Development and Implementation . Toronto, Ont.: Ontario Ministry of Education. Pinto, L., Boler, M., & Norris, T. (2007). Literacy is Just Reading and Writing, isn't it? The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test and Its Press Coverage. Policy Futures in Education, 5(1), 84-99. Thomas, S. (2004). Reconfiguring the Public Sphere: Implications for Analyses of Educational Policy. British Journal of Educational Studies, 52(3), 228-248. Torres, C. (1996). State and Education Revisited Why Educational Researchers Should Think Politically About Education. Review of Research in Education: 1995-1996 (pp. 255-331). .: AERA. Whitty, G. (1997). Creating Quasi-Markets in Education. Review of Research in Education (pp. 3-47). Washington DC: AERA.

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