Why The Ruler Should Be An Effective Ruler? Essay

Why The Ruler Should Be An Effective Ruler? Essay

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Throughout the years there have been several different dynasties. These dynasties had their differences and their similarities. Each dynasty had good or bad rulers, however, the longest lasting dynasties had good effective rulers. These effective rulers helped to promote the growth of the government, which lead to increasing the length of their reign. In order to be an effective ruler, one must choose to exemplify these characteristics, being a role model, being active in the government and creating solutions to the issues facing his subjects, and also protecting them.
The ruler should be an excellent role model for his people to look up to. He should exemplify ren in order for the people to know what ren is and how to achieve it. Through his actions and words, he should personify ren and be an example for his people. He does this is through living his life full of ren, people look up to rulers and watching how they live .The people then try to follow their ruler’s example and live their life according to the ruler. “The Master said: Guide them with policies and align them with punishments and the people will evade them and have no shame. Guide them with virtue and align them with li and the people will have a sense of shame and fulfill their roles.” Confucius’s words of wisdom should be considered because this quote refers to how a ruler should guide his people. By being virtuous a ruler gives his people a proper example of how to live. The ruler’s virtue and goodness will inspire people to live life with virtue and make them feel ashamed to not be currently living their lives in this way. However, if a ruler governs with punishment, then the people will rebel and not care about being virtuous because they have no model to guid...

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...evolt is problematic because the people are not happy and are causing destruction everywhere they go and are potentially hurting other innocent citizens.
A good ruler is someone who cares for the people. He lives his life full of goodness and virtue, so the people have someone to look up to and strive to follow, so they can live their life according to the principles of virtue. This ruler also plays an active role in the affairs of government. This type of active ruler seeks to help enhance his peoples’ lives and realizes it is not weakness to consult with others who have a different understanding or view of the problem. Lastly, the ruler should be willing to protect his people from harm whether the threat is in the form of an unhappy populous or the impending threat of an invasion. This is what it takes to be a strong and worthy ruler that citizens strive to model.

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