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  • Official Language

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    there an official language? With most every country you research you will find that an official language has been established. With the United States being what many would call a "melting pot" because of the many nationalities that inhabit it, how can a unanimous decision be made about which population's language is the official, most dominantly spoken one? 7As one of the major centers of commerce and trade, and a major English- speaking country, many assume that English is the country's official language

  • The Official Puerto Rican Language

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    The Official Puerto Rican Language "The attempt by conquerors to impose their language on the conquered is a recurrent historical theme" (Morris 162). In 1493 the Spanish conquistadors arrived on the island of Borinquen where, there was an attempt by the Spanish to impose their language on the native population of Taino Indians. The Tainos believed that the Spaniards were gods and so were willing to learn all that they could from them. The virtual annihilation of the Taino population in the

  • German Government Officials in WWII

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    German Government Officials in WWII Many people have contributed to the cruel treatment of human beings, specifically Jews, in Nazi Germany during the second World War. This is a report on the damage carried out by some of the Nazi criminals working under the rule of Adolf Hitler. Many people contributed in Hitler's attempt to carry out his 'Final Solution'. Among these people are Ernst Roehm, Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Himmler, and Hermann Wilhelm Goering. While I discuss how they partook in World

  • Should English Be Official?

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    Should English Be Official? United States is a nation accommodating multi-ethnic groups of almost 500000 Americans. Since 1960s, America has received an increasing number of newcomers and immigrants from all over the world. However, language communication has somehow become a latent problem, whether in economical, political, or social aspects. Although English has been the common language of America for over two hundred years, it has never become the official language. Therefore, question like

  • English As An Official Language

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    of English being the official language of the United States has come with a little controversy. Some argue that English should be the official language because it is the most dominant language in the world. Some believe by doing so, it would create a stronger unity among the American people. Proponents believe that although the United States is diverse, it may be too much for the American people to juggle multiple languages. Others believe that English shouldn’t be the official language and instead

  • The need for an official language

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    The Need for an Official Language Language is the most important media in human communication. It makes it much easier to exchange ideas. Imagine if everyone in this society spoke his own language. What would our society looks like? Probably not as prosperious as what we are now because business is very difficult to do due to the fact that all documents have to be printed in different languages. Our whole society would be split up because there is no communication between each other. The fact that

  • Analysis of the Official Website of Major League Baseball

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    Analysis of the Official Website of Major League Baseball Major League Baseball is not only America’s favorite past time but, it is also one of America’s longest known sports. As the playoffs approach this year baseball gets more intense as the teams try to secure their playoff position as well as making the wildcard cut. The Major League Baseball website is to everyone who loves the game and wants to follow up on all the latest games along with the great plays of the day. There is a step

  • What is acceptable behaviour for elected public officials.

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    media or on TV, especially for people in the public eye. We see role models defaming themselves because of the need to “have a life,” when really they gave up that right when they chose their career. I believe there is a clear-cut way for elected officials to act in public and it is not like Rob Ford. As a politician you are a representative of the people. Adults of the specified area vote for whom they believe will do the best job. With that kind of responsibility on their hands they do not have

  • The Official Language of the United Nations

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    around the world. English is the official language of 51 nations and 27 states in the United States of America. Most scholars believe that English is the common language in the United States of America. This is true in fact but not in law. The founders of the United States of America were aware of the importance of the language of nation building. A nation’s language was thought to be the essence of national culture. There were movements to make English as the official language but failed in their attempt

  • English Is The Official Language Essay

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    My stance on this issue is that; yes, English should be the official language of the United States. My reason for my stance is that when citizens of another Country enter into The United States, English is a mandatory requirement. English is a mandatory requirement in order for them to receive any type of Visa to stay in this country. English is also a mandatory requirement for Citizens of another country in order for them to become an American Citizen and permanently remain in this country. English