Why Students Chose Not to Return to College Essay

Why Students Chose Not to Return to College Essay

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When a young adult decided to go to college they have a very big decision to make about what their future will hold and where their future will begin. Once the decision has been made and college has begun, new friends are made and the actions they do shape who they will become. Weekends come and go, but the decisions that are made are different for each and every individual that attends college. There are those who choose to stay on campus and spend the weekend doing things around school with new friends, others choose to go home for different reasons, such as being homesick and wanting to be with family or spending the time off of school for work to help pay for tuition, also there are the students who choose to go to other institutions to see new friends they have made or visit old ones from high school. What I am attempting to understand is with my target population, is not only what the group chooses to do with their weekend time, but also to try and understand why they choose to do what they do with that time.
In 1993 there was a survey done at Kent State University, the purpose of the study was to determine why students choose not to return to the institution, in the article it included the results of the survey that was conducted, the conclusions of the survey, and also what the implications of the results would have on the University and how it recruited people to join their community. When looking at the survey that they did, and how they implemented it, I am not sure it was done in a way that would garner enough attention from those students who chose not to re-enroll in the institution. Once the semester had started Kent State gathered a list of 767 students who did not re-enroll and mailed them the survey to be fille...

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...was addressed was the effects of college students who chose to take the leisure time that they have and use it constructively by advancing their leadership skills during this off time and how it changes them. Sethi states that, “The main objective of the study was to find out the relationship between Leadership Behavior and Leisure Time Activities among college students”. What can be taken from this research and the above statement is that college students have leisure time, and those that decided to take that time and use it to their advantage have had the chance to become better leaders on campus and broaden their horizons during their college years. What is interesting about this research is that it shows that not all leisure time needs to be about school work, going home, or partying, the time can be used to prepare for your life after college and your career.

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