Why Should We Legalize Marijuana For Recreational Use?

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Growing up as a child, I remember being told time and time again, “Drugs are bad” by teachers and parents. As a child, I listened to these authority figures without question; without fully understanding the reasoning behind this statement. As I matured, I observed marijuana almost glamorized by the mainstream media sources. These sources of media depicted people enjoying the “high” they received from the drug, making it seem more pleasurable than harmful. I began questioning, what is the allure this drug has to cause people to go against the law? After having my own experience with the drug and its effects, I have a difficult time understanding just why exactly this drug is illegal throughout the world. Since the drug came into general use in the 1920’s, it has sparked a nonstop debate into its legalization. Marijuana is the most common illicit drug used in the United States. Its use is on a steady incline, as well as the acceptance and public perception of the drug. Why should we legalize marijuana for recreational use? I think the real question should be, why not? Why exactly was marijuana made illegal in the first place? It is certainly not illegal for the health concerns, if that were the case alcohol and tobacco products would be illegal as well. The fact is that we live in the land of the free, yet we are continuously restricted on what we can and cannot do by politicians. One of the basic principles our country was founded on was the freedom of choice. If that freedom of choice is indulging in vices such as alcohol, cigarettes, or marijuana that may be considered detrimental to our health, that should be a decision we make as individuals and ours alone. Think about alcohol for a minute. Alcohol is a substance that we are a... ... middle of paper ... ...ld prove beneficial to a country in dire need of help. Too many people still view the drug in a negative light, simply due to its false reputation. Many of the people opposed have never looked past the stigma associated, and looked at the benefits it holds; they likely never will. No one is telling you to use marijuana, but the choice should be free for all to choose. We as human beings seek pleasure in our everyday lives and everyone has his or her own way of achieving that pleasure. For some, that source of pleasure happens to be marijuana, they are just seeking to gain that pleasure. I say let the potheads smoke their joint in peace. The push for marijuana use is simply a chain of dominos about to be put into play. In the very near future, America will legalize the use of marijuana for its citizens, America will then be back on its “high” horse once again.

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