Why Should Attending College Be A Reality? Essay

Why Should Attending College Be A Reality? Essay

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Every student has heard the year 2016 since they were in elementary school.Howveras the years progressed, the idea of college promptly started to become a reality. As parents stress out about what their child will be doing after high school, the pressure is on the students to make decisions that will benefit their future. Determining whether or not to continue an education in college for the next four or more years is a major decision in a high school student’s life. Without being enlightened on the potential effects of this decision, the student could impair opportunity for the future. The ultimate goal is to be able to have the chance at a job opportunity after high school or college. Students who make the decision to go to college will have more options later in life, and college is worth it.
Based on evidence, there is a myriad of reasons why attending college is definitely worth it. First, going to college makes someone more hirable. A little more than fifty percent of the United States population makes up the middle class. Many future employees think that out of high school, they can acquire a middle class job, “[y]et look at the qualifications for just about any middle-class job: They start with a bachelor’s degree” (Skinner 1). Having a college degree will only help in the very competitive job market today. Not only does a college degree show experience, but it also shows resilience. In addition, a job that requires a college degree will earn more money in the future. A college degree can be extremely valuable when it comes to salary. According to John Cassidy’s article, when it comes to salary, “There’s no doubt that college graduates earn more money, on average, than people who don’t have a degree” (Cassid...

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...d of John Cassidy’s article, “Providing access to college for more kids from deprived backgrounds helps nurture talents that might otherwise go to waste” (Cassidy 5). Although it could be just for deprived kids, the same applies for all students. College helps students find themselves, and being on their own will make them broaden their horizons. Overall, a college degree has a lot of importance and opens up many doors for the future.
In conclusion, college is worth it because more options will be presented later in life, and it makes for a more facile life. Although the cost of college can be looked at as a major complication, the rewards outweigh the risks in this situation, and earning a degree is an important milestone in becoming a member of the American working class. If a person avails themself of the opportunity for college, it is a set up for success.

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