Essay about Why Marriages Fail By Anne Roiphe

Essay about Why Marriages Fail By Anne Roiphe

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In her essay “Why Marriages Fail” by the American writer and journalist Anne Roiphe goes into deep detail on why Marriages tend to fail now and what is causing the problem. Her piece was written in 2006 and is still now a good source of information for someone that is interested in such a topic at hand. Will describe why no matter what, most of our first marriages from to an end due to our childhood and how to grew up; it is something that is just waiting to happen when time passes us by and we’re thinking of where the good days went and what went wrong.
Getting married is a big stepping stone in everyone’s life mainly because that’s the ultimate goal in a person’s life is the day they decide to get married. To find that one person we are crazy about enough to put the ring on the finger and go up against the world with each other. Love is a beautiful sight indeed and being in love is the greatest gift of mankind without a question, to be crazy about one person who is also crazy for you and only you. The saddest thing is when all the love and compassion starts to fade away each day. It’s like the vows from the wedding meant nothing and it was a waste of years of life. (Roiph, 2006). “Even though each broken marriage is unique, we can still find the common perils, the common causes for marital despair. Each marriage has crisis points, and each marriage tests endurance, the capacity for both intimacy and change.” Each marriage is different in so many ways some have it better than others making their relationship last longer than what someone else’s could. (Campbell, 2015). “Let’s face it, with our ever-increasing life span, most of us may eventually marry more than once. “ 'Til death does us part” used to mean about 30 years, but...

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...e old problems which will become a mistake because extramarital sex will destroy marriages. The sex sugar coats the bad news or problems that they face. Cheating or being hurt will create thick solid walls between the men and women making it harder for them to function with another partner but in the end, it was all about revenge we wanted from our significant other when hooking up with someone else to heal the quick wound that is cut open. Marriages do take some kind of sacrifice, some level of compromise. Some of one 's fantasies, some of one 's legitimate desires have to be given up for the value of the marriage itself. (Roiphe, 2006). "While all marital partners feel shackled at times, it is they who really choose to make the marital ties into confining chains or supporting bonds," says Dr. Whitaker. Marriage requires sexual, financial, and emotional discipline.”

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