Why Is Working As A Team Important? Essay

Why Is Working As A Team Important? Essay

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Description/How students responded to lesson.
Based on the students responses to the question, “Why is working as a team important?” I would say the students responded to the activity/book very well. A lot of the students wrote that teamwork helps you get the job done faster, you build leadership skills, you make new friends, and there is no I in team, but the greatest response I got was that, “without working as a team you don’t get anything done, you make new friends, and you learn new ideas.” After reading this child’s response to the question, I knew they understood why we read the book on teamwork and why we did the activity. Also, the students don’t normally get to play games as a whole group and while we were playing the hula hoop game they were filled with excitement, they were laughing and smiling, and afterwards at least five of the students came up to me and said that was the most fun they have had all day. I honestly believe it is an activity they will remember for a long time because it was something different, they liked that they got to receive roles in the group, because they didn’t know that groups could have positions like a sports team. My host teacher said that she believed they liked it so much, because they got to almost be the leader and take on responsibility since there wasn’t much instruction on the group presentations. They got to use their creativity and present the idea of teamwork on their own.
For this to be my very first lesson that I have every created and presented on my own, I would say it went very well. The things that I thought would have been a challenge turned into a success. My biggest fear was that I was making it too difficult for the students, but it tu...

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...en realizes that every person is unique and offers their own ideas and personalities to the group. I went on to discuss some examples from my own life on how I have to sometimes work with people that I don’t personally like and I discussed when we do group projects in college we have designated roles within the group, which they found fascinating. For me, the best way that I learn and want my students to learn is connecting stories to real life. Connecting reading and writing to ourselves will help children understand it more clearly and connecting stories to songs, use objects, or dance will make it memorable. I personally believe that doing the book-in-a-bag and having props (soccer ball, baseball, football, basketball, TEAM letters, and group role nametags) allowed the students to better understand the message behind the book and why teamwork is important.

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