Essay about Why I Want to Go into Restaurant Management

Essay about Why I Want to Go into Restaurant Management

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Everything is about my career, what I want to be and what is that I am following, what is
that attracts me to be the one with this career. The chosen career is Restaurant Management and
food service what is provided and is produced how it really works what it needs to be a restaurant
manager , skills and qualifications, characteristics and the major points of a manager in a prfofitable
business for the best and most successful career, at the final I have choose 2 personalities with
some different options working in that field and saying advices about how to become a successful
leader of a business that’s what is this all about telling what is crated from a restaurant manager,
education salary , entry level and experience that is needed in order of been a very successful
personel in this particular career and field.
I choose this career because it fits my personality and also it’s a family tradition, from my father
that used to be a chef I learned the industry. My introduction to food industry was when I was 15
year old, I start from a small beverage store. Everything start from that store I build my name as a
waiter and as the kid who never stops. So that’s how everything start and from then and own I stick
with the industry from job to job I was everyone’s the best kid. So I start thinking about the
management and the industry and what job I would like to have and I pretty like the idea been an
owner or either a manager, and run a restaurant. Is a difficult choice though because needs a lot of
affords and sacrifices, this job is one job that never sleeps never rests and never stops. Because
everybody wants a place to eat and especially in UNITED STATES where the majority of the
population wants and prefers to ...

... middle of paper ...

...e real world I use
this skills and characteristic that neseceari for been a manager, and I already have some experience
in this industry that’s why I believe it’s perfect for me, I have an experience of the waiter for 4 years
and those 4 years I have seen the industry from a very close view and I saw how a manager works
and reacts in situations solve problems innovate for the restaurant and the best for the successful
business, in my experience as a waiter taught me how to improve my personality and create
characteristic that I have not before because when a child is 15years old it does not have
characteristics full grow but there are still in progress of adaptin and improving my character and
skills. Advice that are now getting in this industry you have to sacrifice to overwork and learn
everything that is possible and never talk for what you have seen.

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