Importance Of Managerial Skills In Business

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Research Topic: Importance of Managerial Skills in business

Research Question: How does managerial skills impacts a manager's ability to effectively lead his or her employees?

Managers are someone who coordinates and overseas the work of other people so organizational goals can be accomplished (Robbins & Coulter,2016). Managers are very important to organization because they need their managerial skills and abilities to get things done. Managers may have the ability to lead an organization but they also require the skills, which is needed daily to be efficient and effective. Management and leadership should have a committed relationship. While managers improve their ability to lead, companies should remember that strong leadership
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The real challenge is to combine strong leadership and strong management and use each to balance the other (Gallos,2008). According to Conger (1999), businesses operate in an unstable environment. It changes regularly and forces the entrepreneurs to forecast changes, always prepare their employees to operate in a changing environment. Thus, it is important to have requisite management skills that are essential for as entrepreneur to lead and not just to manage (Agbim, 2013). The managerial skills managers possess can be acquire through education, practical, implementation and experience. Based on the importance of managerial skill in a business, this question has been asked: How does managerial skills impacts a manager’s ability to effectively lead his or her employee? By looking at the roles of a manager, the importance and types of management skills the answer can be found. This topic was chosen because of the field…show more content…
One of the most important management tasks is to work with people. Without people, there will not be a need for existence of management and managers. These skills will enable managers to become leaders and motivate employees for better accomplishments. Also, they will help them to make more effective use of human potential in the company. Simply, they are the most important skills for managers (Sutevski, 2017). According to the Mintzberg’s Managerial Roles a manager with such skills should be a great spokesperson, disseminator and monitor. Human skills are important. A manager should be able to communicate effectively in both verbal and written form and are always able to send a clear message and share valuable, understandable information that will help get the job done. The manager not only display his human skills to his employees but also to his customers, as Lisa McQuerrey stated in her article, ‘Finding and keeping customers is one of the managers most important management undertakings because revenue from customers keeps the business alive. Managers must have the management ability to juggle clients, trouble-shoot problems, oversee customer interactions with employees and ensure that customers are
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