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Why I Should Enter Medical School Essays

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My decision to enter medical school is the coalescence of several factors. I was born and brought up in a remote city of Pakistan, deprived of basic health facilities. Our District had very few doctors who worked day and night to bring relief to the people of my town. The respect and honor those doctors received from their patients and the community left me in awe of the profession and fueled a desire within me to follow in their footsteps. The forward-looking and enlightened attitude of my educated and working-class parents went a long way in shaping my persona into a whole-some and balanced person, one with high moral and ethical values and a zeal for hard work. I eventually fulfilled my dream and ambition of becoming a doctor by graduating from one of prestigious medical school in Pakistan.
During my final year of medical school, a devastating earthquake hit Kashmir and Northern Pakistan. Nearly 100,000 people died, 70,000 more suffered from injuries, and numerous towns and villages were decimated. Many people in my country lost their loved ones and experienced physical trauma. The lucky survivors were left with psychological scars, due to the unimaginable desolation and carnage they witnessed. My classmates and I were involved in the emergency rescue efforts, triaging and treating the wounded. This inspired me to join UNICEF as a medical officer after graduating from medical school. For a year and a half, I worked in the areas most affected in Kashmir, where I met many patients struggling to cope with the lasting fallout of this disaster. Broken bones healed and homes were rebuilt, but the prevalence of mental illness grew. Many reported flashbacks and nightmares of their homes collapsing and their children perishin...

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Years of medical practice taught me self-discipline and flexibility. My high tolerance allows me to remain calm in the most chaotic and stressful environments. Exposure to multiple cultures has given me a unique opportunity to relate to people of diverse backgrounds, and I am an enthusiastic team player. My steadfast interest in psychiatry is evident by my diverse experiences, and my strong interpersonal skills, work ethics. Unfortunately, I have not yet fulfilled my dream of becoming a Psychiatrist in the United States. However, I never lose hope and I am confident that if I ever receive a second chance to start all over, I will prove myself as a talented and competent physician. I strongly believe that the Osteopathic Medicine, DO - EPP at NYITCOM is my golden opportunity to fulfil my dream. I am looking forward to joining the Campus at Old Westbury.

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