Essay on Why I Don 't Follow Through The Field Of Law

Essay on Why I Don 't Follow Through The Field Of Law

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I’m going to start with a little preface so that you know why I’m writing about a career that I don’t necessarily intend to pursue, but I believe it to be an amazing alternative in case things don’t follow through. You see my goal is to become a content producer on YouTube, with my business degree being a safety net because my feeling of that being most cautious and safe plan. Unfortunately on the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, from which I will be doing my research, it doesn’t provide a ton of information on the career. That being, media in particular, both non-fictional and fiction, has giving me a sort of affinity for those involved in law. If I had to pick a part of the field of law to enter into, I would like to become a defense attorney, because I like the proposition of helping to save someone from whatever legal dilemma they may have found themselves caught in. So throughout this paper I will be giving the statistics and information that I found out about this career path through my research and also delve more into why I decided that this would be a good alternative for me to follow.
To get started, I will be relaying some statistical and general information to you, so that you may have a better idea of what the work of an attorney persist of. In a nutshell the basic obligations of a lawyer is to be an advisor or representative to a single person, business, or government group with any legal disputes that they may be facing. But for me wanting to hold the title of defense attorney it’s more specifically that I would be defending those who have been wrongly accused. Sometimes the solution to the matter can be very clear and be taken care of without much hassle; but other times it requires some i...

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... were enough to persuade me to take up interest in law. Ultimately my goal is to help people and be able to do it efficiently, always looking at the money as a bonus and my client innocents as the prize.
In conclusion, while there is many ups and downs to law, I still would like to journey into field as one possible alternative in case my dreams do not pan out. Despite the possibility of high amounts of wealth that are involved with the career and the risk that you take by pursuing the right to practice it, my ultimate goal is to me be able to help people. With my dream of being a YouTube content producer I want to make others happy, and here with the alternative I wish to assist people in retain their innocence. I believe that if in some way you can do some form of philanthropy and make a living at the same time, then you have lead positive full life with purpose.

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