Why I Don 't Be Betrayed By The Person Who You Loved And Adored Essay

Why I Don 't Be Betrayed By The Person Who You Loved And Adored Essay

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How does it feel to be betrayed by the person who you loved and adored by a blink of an eye? Amralah was wearing a gray tuxedo with black bow tie and black shoes. He also had a fresh haircut that brings out his handsome looks. He gave me a kiss on my forehead, which gave me a feeling that everything will be fine, but as the night goes on and the music get louder all that felt was wrong. Regret was hunting me down. Why did I come here? I don 't even know how to dance. I am a church girl not a party girl. I tried so hard to feed in, but there was no place for me. I looked to the left; there he was dancing with another girl. His hands were on her small waist and his eyes were on her. He knew it wasn 't me, but still having a good time.
It was senior year, homecoming day. The day most people bringing their loved ones to a dance to share love, and have fun. Since it was my first and last homecoming, I decided to go with my boyfriend, Amralah, my two best friends, Tsion and Nazra. It took us a long time to put on our adorable dresses and our best makeup. I was a little late for the party, but when I got there, Amralah and his chatty friend were waiting for me. As I came in, I could hear them taking.
“I am ready for the night. I´m going to dance with a lot of girls”… said Kevin
“Oh I already have one”... said Amralah.
When I get into the gym it looked completely different. There was a DJ at the right corner with one hand in the air moving in a continuous motions and the other one on his laptop plays variety of music. There were Dim lights in every side of the room, which were producing green, yellow and red colors that gave a beautiful sensation for the night. The dance floor was filled with girls in miniskirts, sho...

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...ed out for a while. I did not know how to react. He went with her while my friends and his friend were there. He embarrassed me in front of my friends and his friend.
My heart was beating faster and my whole body was sharing. My face cheeks turn red and I felt my ears bearing. I couldn 't breathe right and I screamed so loud. I couldn 't control myself. The last thing I want to do was to stay and see his eyes again, so I left without saying goodbye.
I was heartbroken. I was both mentally and emotionally hurt. The day I thought will be the best day of my life turn to be the worst. The love I had tuned to be a hate. I felt battered and mistreated. Starting from that moment I become different. I could not trust any guy. Love faded away from my sole. I stop imagining romance. love become a story that exist in movies and music not in real life.

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