Essay on Why I Believe in Attachment Parenting

Essay on Why I Believe in Attachment Parenting

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The essay provides an introduction to Attachment Parenting. It covers why I believe it is a valid and important way to parent. It believes that children need to have firm foundation of attachment in order to have proper brain development. I cover why I believe so much in this parenting style. It is a very connected way to raise and respond to children. It covers the elements that make-up this parenting style including: co-sleeping and baby wearing. Also, cover some of the objections to this parenting style and address them with counter claims. Children get to separate from the parent(s) when they are ready and aren’t pushed to advance to early in life. When the child becomes to separate an independent and compassionate human being.

Keywords: Attachment Parenting, R.A.D (Reactive Attachment Disorder), Attachment Theory
Why I Believe in Attachment Parenting
Attachment Parenting is a highly misunderstood way to raise a child. This can be defined as, “Attachment Parenting (AP): Parenting philosophy based on the concept of allowing the child to 'separate' from the parent at its own pace. Term coined by Dr Sears to cover what is in effect an age-old way of gently raising children” (“Glossary of Terms”). It is based on Attachment Theory, “Attachment theory has maintained that the developing relationship between infant and caregiver is a co-construction deriving from the infant's producing signals that attract the caregiver's attention (smiling) and care (distress and crying), and the manner in which the caregiver responds to these signals (sensitivity and responsively).Variations in the quality of attachment between infant and mother in early childhood are believed to be more a function of...

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... close and foster the most attachment possible as early as possible. The thought of missing these critical years when they are growing and changing so much, makes me sad. I believe attachment parenting is in the best interest of parents and baby.

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