Why I Am A Smart Goal At Healthier By The End Of The Semester Essays

Why I Am A Smart Goal At Healthier By The End Of The Semester Essays

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The SMART goal I set for myself was to eat healthier by the end of the semester. In the early part of this semester, I was successful. I gathered information on foods that would be good for me to eat and snack on throughout the day and I had my grocery list written before I went into the store to not get sidetracked. However, as the semester progressed my eating habits lacked and no longer went to get groceries and often forgot to eat if I did not set a reminder or my grandmother brought food. I was not successful in meeting my SMART goal. One of the barriers I believe that kept me from reading my goal was my constant anxiety over school and life in general. I found myself often worrying over those things and not really feeding myself until I would begin to feel lightheaded and weak. I will apply the six stages of change that I learned in chapter 1 that states the stages as pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination (Hales 16-17). I have myself making it all the way to action but lacking on the maintenance which resulted in my lack of reachi...

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