Smart Goal Reflection

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Reflection Essay Journal 2
My smart goal is to manage my test anxiety and organization skills so that I can become more organized and a productive citizen in the future. Organization skills is one of the many qualities that employers look for in a job applicant. This skill helps them pick out a great candidate that has great organization skills as well as time management skills. This is one of the two skills that I would love to improve to keep myself organized and manage my stress and anxiety while testing under precarious circumstances.
While monitoring my smart goal throughout each day I began to notice that I had a difficult time staying organized and managing my anxiety. Each day that went by I recorded daily and important activities for myself as a reminder to complete it and to keep myself on track. The days began to pass by and the emotions that I felt became very overwhelming to me because I felt my smart goal was taking a big toll on me. “Emotions are feelings that involve physical responses due to changes in thoughts, actions and personal evaluation” (Norton). Soon I noticed my grades in my other classes began to drop due to me not being as organized as I should. I began to have a hard time keeping up with my homework and study guides. The negative punishment of me being able to maintain my organization skills caused me to feel overwhelmed and lead me to
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I had a plan to document important notes where I could see them and visit workshops at Waketech to maintain my organization. Unfortunately, I was not able to keep up this progress and I ended up not attending any workshops because I forgot to write down the dates that they were being held. Overall my smart goal is not going as well as I thought it would be because I am still extremely unorganized and I still continue to feel more anxious during my
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