Essay on Why Home School Is The Better Choice For Educating

Essay on Why Home School Is The Better Choice For Educating

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Why Home School Is The Better Choice For Educating

I. Introduction
a. Hook
Students who attend home school have a much more rewarding outcome than their counterparts who attend public school. Home school individuals have better educational experiences and are better prepared for higher educational endeavors.
b. Necessary background information
If home school was the only choice, students could benefit tremendously, as well as, the parents who make the choice to home school their children. There are many rewards to attending home school. The rewards of attending home school are rewarded immediately. If home school was the only option, society would benefit significantly.
c. 3-point Thesis
Home schooling should be a parent first choice for educating their child or children because there are reduced expenses, safety hazardous and academic quality.
II. Thesis Point #1
The idea of home school being the only option to obtain an education, could eliminate costly expenses. The cost of public school comes with a high price tag for parents as well as taxpayers.
a. Public school expenses consist of school supplies, faculty and staff salaries, and extracurricular. Public school expenses mostly derive from the salaries for the faculty and staff. This cost is one that taxpayers are burdened with paying throughout the year. This is not an expense of home schools as the children attending home school are typically taught by their parent or parents.
b. For instance, the average salary for an educator is 40,000 a year, whereas there is no cost association in the form of a salary for parents who educate their children ("The Cost of Homeschooling").
c. There are several factors that contrib...

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...n as those who attend home school participate regularly in church activities with youth groups, community service, volunteer organizations, clubs and other social organizations.
B. J. Gray Knowles, University of Michigan Assistant Professor of Education, performed a study that found that more than half of the individuals surveyed were actively involved in their communities and have become productive citizens who are married and have good relationships with their parents (Klicka).
VII. Conclusion
Home school as the primary source of education is certainly an option to take into consideration. If home school was the primary education system parents can monitor the progress of their child or children’s progress first hand. Home school should be the primary choice for education as it’s the safest environment, less expensive and offers the best quality of education.

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