Essay on Why Fund The U.s. Space Program?

Essay on Why Fund The U.s. Space Program?

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Jon Vega
English IV – 2nd
Coach Deel
February 8, 2016
Why fund the U.S. Space Program?
The world had become a much better place since the dawn of the space program in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the world has become a better place. Benefiting the lives of many, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA, “Through addressing the challenges related to human space exploration [NASA] has expand[ed] technology, create[d] new industries, and help[ed] foster a peaceful connection with other nations” (“Why We Explore”). NASA receives about eighteen billion dollars every year from the U.S. government (“NASA’s $17.5 Billion Budget”). However, NASA could benefit the nation and ultimately the world if it had more money to operate with because giving them the money is complicated. Keeping the space program well-funded is one of the main topics of controversy today due to technology, defense, and jobs.
Over the years, the space program has created most of the technology that we use today. Satellites, stemming from the space program, have played a major role in society today because “many of the devices we use every day require these satellites to operate, including cell phones, GPS systems, satellite television, and weather satellites.” ("Government Funding for NASA"). In order to continue creating new technologies, the space program needs more funds allocated from the government. The space program, specifically NASA, inspires others to take action and create new technology, specifically cordless power tools. Although the first cordless power tool was invented in 1960 by Black and Decker, NASA researchers and other people refined the technology to create lightweight, cordless medical instruments and zero-impact wrench ("C...

... middle of paper ... the Union of Concerned Scientists, or the UCS, there are more than a thousand operational artificial satellites in orbit, each has a legitimate and non-threatening purpose, such as communications or geographical observation ("UCS Satellite Database"). No amount of money directed for NASA can stop a country from becoming suspicious, except a strong relationship built on mutual trust. Foreign relations are strained when there is a new satellite in orbit, however if there is trust, there is nothing to worry about.
Of all of the divisions and programs at NASA, many people are needed to them operational, and as a result, jobs are created. NASA alone, employs over eighteen thousand people in almost every field of work imaginable, from engineers to lawyers ("What Is NASA?"). With more money from the government, NASA can create or expand programs, creating more jobs.

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