The Exploration Of Space Exploration

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Space Exploration Space is full with more stars than we can possibly imagine, and surrounding those stars are many planets. Every since Galileo turned his telescope toward the stars in 1610. The search for life on any other planet has been an ongoing endeavor. At first, we wondered what was out there, and then we wondered what life might be on any of the planets we saw. Then we wondered how many planets there were. That evolved into the stars and the realization that those stars have planets of their own. Moving us onto the question of what life might reside on those planets. The search started even before we had space travel available to us. For many years, humans have wondered if we were alone. If there are any other, intelligent life forms out there. Even prior to us having had any comprehension of the vastness of space. We wondered if we would find extra-terrestrial life in outer space. Alternatively, if some other life form might find us here on earth. We have many ways that we have been…show more content…
President Dwight D Eisenhower established (NASA) in 1958. The agency was mainly civilian not military, to encourage peaceful applications in space science instead of show of military power. NASA took off literally, beginning with rockets that flew faster than anything before. Progressing all the way to unmanned space missions. Launching satellites into space. NASA has made countless advances in the space program. To date NASA has had 166 manned space missions. (Wikipedia 2015). There are nine more launches scheduled before the end of 2015. These advancements were not without their own form of tragedy. Sadly, we have lost a total of 14 dedicated astronauts in two accidents. One of the shuttles exploded while leaving the earths atmosphere and the other disintegrated upon reentry to