Space Technolgy Programs

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As a country we need to start investing more money and research into space technology. Programs currently exist for this effort, but the potential for research and progress is limited by a lack of funding; compared to other government funded programs, aerospace funding is pitiful. Continued research in space technology is a necessary step in our growth and development not just as a country but also as entire human race. If we are to achieve this goal, it is necessary to increase funding for space research and technology and consider the possibility of colonizing outer space. If we limit our existence to the planet Earth, and continue to drain the resources on this planet, we will destroy the only home we have. Is it worth expanding into outer space, when we still have so many other concerns, such as power and material resources? If we focus more on aerospace development, other technological improvements may evolve, such as more energy efficient engines. Many household or common appliances we use today are by-products of aeronautic research. If funding for space research were increased, the rate of developing new applications would also increase. The question is, are we ready and willing to take this next step in technology? Introduction Are we allotting enough funding for aerospace research? At the present time, significant progress in aerospace research will not be made for a long time. It is sad that we don’t place more urgency on such an important field. Yes, there is still research being conducted in the field; however, limited funding prevents significant advancement. The benefits derived from aerospace research should provide enough justification for investing more money in this area. The benefits are not exclusive to sp... ... middle of paper ... ...easing population. Such research could include the search for other Earth-like planets in the galaxy. Already, NASA’s Keplar telescope has discovered three other planets capable of supporting life (Mike). Without expansion into outer space, humans might eventually destroy themselves as a result of a strain on resources, or infighting over land. This is the direction of aerospace research. Conclusion These are the reasons why I believe there should be more investment in space research and technology. It would be a time consuming and financially draining quest, but the pay off in new technology, applications, resources, and expansion opportunities make it a goal to strive for. As our rate of consumption of Earth’s natural resources continues to increase, it is imperative that we invest in the research of outer space as a possible solution to sustaining the human race.
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