Why College Education Is Important For The Society Essay example

Why College Education Is Important For The Society Essay example

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One can see college education as a decisive factor which determines an individual’s success and productive role in the society. These come from better knowledge, skills, and well developed positive qualities that result in more job opportunities and higher salaries. However, the value of college education does not only come from the benefits it provides to individuals. College education today is important for the society itself. The significance of getting a college degree today is in that it helps build a fairer, more just, and educated society by empowering people, helping them form a strong civic position, and unifying them by means of socialization, cohesion, and communication.
Obtaining a college degree plays an important role in empowering individuals thus allowing them to have enough insistence to drive themselves out of the situations that may be very tricky and difficult. In “How Much Is That Bachelor’s Degree Really Worth?” Mark Schneider stated that, “a college education paid through tuition is the best investment that a student can make in his or her future” (Schneider). To him, college education provides empowerment through knowledge that “lasts a lifetime” (Schneider). This knowledge offers an opportunity to question the authority about the negligence and immoralities. By so doing, the authority in question would strive to improve on service delivery to its citizens by observing fundamental rights and improving structures. This, in turn, will promote good governance that would subsequently lead to economic freedom and empowerment which are extremely important in a fair and just society.
Empowerment comes hand in hand with a strong civic position. A college degree not only helps become aware of the policies that gov...

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...these aspects make college education important for fair and just society even though not everyone attends college.
In conclusion, it suffices to say that one of the most important things in life is education. While education is often considered a venue for personal growth and development, its effects are likely to be felt throughout the society as a whole. College educated individuals are more tuned to make the society more fair and just because of the power of college education to empower, provide a strong civic position, and unify the society. Because of this, all efforts should be geared towards ensuring that as many members of the society as possible have access to college education. When all this is said and done the society would be able to move with speed to achieve the world’s most desired goals, aspirations that are engraved in millennium development goals.

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