Why Can Not Hire More Nurses? Essay

Why Can Not Hire More Nurses? Essay

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“We are short staffed, why can’t they hire more nurses”, is the issue that every nurse states on a daily basis. Nurse Managers talk about it all the time and complain to their superiors about this issue continuously. Nursing units are short on nurses and at times do not have enough nurses to cover a shift. The nursing shortage is a topic that resonates throughout the healthcare industry. Without adequate nurse staffing, the delivery of quality healthcare diminishes. According to Snavely (2016), the inability to fill nursing vacancies at hospitals leads to increases in health care costs.
The need for quality healthcare workers will intensify as the level of baby boomers increase (American Association of College of Nursing, 2014). The 65-year-old population will require twice the amount of medical care and by 2030 the 65-year population will double (Evans, 2013). This phenomenon will lead to an increase in supply and demand of nurses. Not only is the elderly population grown, but the Affordable Care Act has now made more than 8 million Americans able to receive health care benefits (Snavely, 2016). This increase will cause an inundation of newly insured patients that will saturate the health care market. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2014), a shortage of nurses is predicted to spread throughout the United States between 2009 and 2030.
How can nurses fulfill their ethical responsibilities to patients, if there is not an ample supply of nurses to cover a shift? Nurses are integral in the delivery of quality healthcare and are paramount in the coordination of client care in both acute and non-acute settings. As the numbers of patients grow and the volume of nurses shrinks, it becomes difficult to pro...

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...t would alleviate the nursing shortage currently being experienced. Education is very costly and if these costs can be offset, more nurses would consider a career in education.
More permanent solutions need to be explored to increase the nurse educator shortage. Recruitment starts in nursing school, it is never too early to introduce different career options for nurses. Current nursing students have to be made aware of the benefits of becoming a nurse educator. In order to recruit more nurses into the profession of education, scholarship assistance is required to offset the cost of education advancement. The main theme behind all research in regards to faculty shows that offering an incentive to potential & current nursing faculty will command more interest in the field. Cost can be offset by offering loan forgiveness, reduced tuition, and flexible work schedules.

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