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Who needs health care? Well a 59 years old man named James Verone sure did in 2011. He lost his job of 17 years due to cutbacks and used of his money in the bank. James had two-ruptured disk, a protrusion on his chest, and a problem with his left foot. Since he did not have health insurance any more he could not afford to go to a doctor or the emergency room to be treated. Therefore, he decide to take matters in his own hands and rob a bank unarmed for $1 dollar to get free health care in jail. This may sound like an unwise thing to do but he did not have any other options since he was not old enough to get Medicare and was not eligible for Medicaid (Moisse). So who needs health insurance? The people in the United States needs health insurance. Some people believe that they do need health care insurance and some think they are healthy enough and do not need it. Health care insurance is any form of insurance that provides protection against the cost of medical services. Healthcare did not always exist. The evolution of the American health care system began in the 1920s, when choices boiled down to which foolish cure people preferred. During that time a fraudulently claimed doctor known as Dr. John Brinkley, had a hit on American radio, with his health advice. His famous solution for any illness, including dementia, impotence, and flatulence was for people to transplant a goat gland into their body. That might sound foolish, but many people were having the procedure done to treat the illness. In that age, medical care was just a bunch of concoctions that did nothing and the cost was inexpensive. The average American spent five dollars a year on health care and people did not have health insurance because it was not necessary. Be...

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...rug industry have spent 2.5 more money on marketing and administration than on research. Further, in 2002 the combined profit for the drug companies in the Fortune 500 (35.9 billion) were more than profits for all other 490 businesses (33.7 billion) (Katz 146). This data prove that there are many opportunities to reduce the cost of drug plan coverage for all Americans.
Since the 1920s, health care insurance has progress to a more modern system. However, Americans are having a challenging time trying to choose from countless of insurance plans. The need for health insurance is very essential especially for those who do not have health insurance. In addition, the government can assist the United States with a health insurance plan with low premiums and an improved drug plan that covers all drugs. Le the government give Americans a peace of mind that they are covered.

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