Essay on What 's It For Me?

Essay on What 's It For Me?

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“I recognize that I have the ability to be selfish, but I also recognize that you can 't be happy if you only care about yourself at the expense of other people.” Russell Brand. Has America become a ‘me’ society? It would appear as though it has. People are accepting government handouts more frequently. Americans are overall less polite, and less likely to offer a helping hand. The ‘what’s in it for me’ mentality has become almost second nature for some. The ‘me’ society is evident in the increased and prolonged use of unemployment, large corporations accepting bailouts, and individuals being less likely to offer assistance; this all stems from lack of manners, lack of social skills, and diminished empathy.
Signs of the ‘What’s in it for Me’ Mentality
Individuals are more likely to collect long term unemployment benefits. Long-term unemployment is defined as someone who is unemployed for 27 weeks or more (Rothstein, 2013). In April 2010 the long-term unemployment rate reached a record setting peak of 6.8 million individuals. In order to offer aid to those affected by the recession, the amount of time an individual was permitted to collect benefits was extended. Some economists believe that this extended period was to allow ample time to find a better job (Dorfman, 2014). While some of the increase in these numbers is due to the recession of 2007, the rest can be attributed to selfishness.
Some individuals don’t want to take a pay cut the new job would give. A further display of only caring about themselves is shown by the fact that some individuals would rather collect unemployment than to take a cut in pay and/or benefits as a result of taking a new job. An article by Briody (2012) showed that over...

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... one where people are always concerned with ‘What’s in it for Me’. This is evident in the number of individuals collecting long term unemployment because they are unwilling to take a job that pays less. It is not just individuals asking for a handout either; large corporations have their hands out asking for bailouts. It doesn’t stop at the money; people are also too worried about themselves to offer assistance to someone else unless there is something in it for them. This cultural shift was created by the fast pace at which society is living its life, and a lack of manners and empathy. Our government added to the situation by showing too much empathy and offering aid without discretion. This has cultivated an attitude that there ‘will always be someone there to help me’. It is time for society to address these issues to shift from a ‘me’ to a ‘we’ atmosphere.

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