The Importance Of Nature And Nurture In Child Development

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In the study of child development, nature and nurture are two essential concepts that immensely influence future abilities and characteristics of developing children. Nature refers to the genetically obtained characteristics and abilities that influence development while nurture refers to the surrounding environmental conditions that influence development. Without one or the other, a child may not develop some important skills, such as communication and walking. The roles of physiological and psychological needs in a person’s life are also crucial for developing children. Humanistic psychologist, Abraham Maslow, suggested that humans don’t only aim towards survival, but also aim towards self-actualization (Rathus, P. 94). A famous case that…show more content…
A linguist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology named Chomsky, declared that we have the ability to learn language not only because somebody taught us, but also because we are born with the principles of language in our genes. Chomsky also said “We have language because of nature, not just nurture” (Everywhere Psychology, 2012). Chomsky was one of the people that believed Genie still had a chance to learn language since everybody is born with the ability to learn. A neuropsychologist named Eric Lenneberg, agreed with Chomsky about humans being born with the ability to learn a language as nature, but believed there is a deadline for learning language. Lenneberg believed that if a first language isn 't learned by puberty it could be too late. What Lenneberg proposed is called the "critical period hypothesis," (Everywhere Psychology,…show more content…
All the various experiments were most likely overwhelming and stressful for Genie, and could have been the major reason why she was never able to learn how to make sentences. I believe Genie was never really loved since she was always transferred to different foster homes. I also believe that if Genie stayed in one foster home, she could have been less overwhelmed and more capable of learning how to speak. Genie’s mother also viewed the experimentations on Genie as unethical and eventually sued children’s hospital for doing scientific research rather than providing therapy to rehabilitate her. Genie’s mother won the case, and further experimentations on Genie were no longer allowed. When experimentations were over, Genie went to her first foster home. At her fist foster home, she was intensely punished for vomiting. The experience of her getting punished was so traumatizing, that Genie needed to go back to Children 's

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