Nature Vs Nresture Essay: Nature Vs. Nurture

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Nature vs Nurture

Nature vs nurture has been an ongoing debate for many decades among some of the greatest minds in psychology. Everyone is trying to figure out the source of human personality. Does our personality develop primarily by genetics, known as nature or is it based off of our environment and the way we were raised, nature? I believe it is a bit of both, but in my opinion nurture plays a bigger role. What is nature and how does it play an important role in our development? Nature is our genetics. The physical and personal traits determined by our genes. Our genetic makeup is made from 23 unpaired chromosomes from our mother and 23 unpaired chromosomes from our father, that come together and pair up making 23 paired chromosomes
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Nurture is our personal experiences and our environment. It is the way we were brought up by our parents or guardians. How is nurture involved in my development growing up? For instance, growing up I was always kind of shy. My parents never really signed me up for any after school activities since they always had to work. Also, growing up since I was “different” I would get picked on for not looking like my peers. When I was little and in elementary school there were not many Hispanic kids and I always felt like the odd one. I did not get the chance to become confident by playing sports after school and since I would get picked on it made me not want to speak out much either. Today it is a different story I am a bit quiet, but I am no longer shy and I’ve learned to be more…show more content…
It has definitely been a huge impact in my development. A little after I had turned 2 years old my parents decided to leave Mexico to give my brother and I a better future. My dad had already been living here for many years, but my mom had wanted to stay behind. I experienced having to learn a new language when I started school, since at home my parents only spoke Spanish. In school I was picked on for being different, so I learned to accept everyone and not pick on anyone because they were not like me, it made me more open minded. My parents have always worked hard and I was taught to do the same, I have had a job since I was 13. I realized the huge sacrifices my parents made and how much they left behind when they left that tiny town in Mexico. My parents did not go to college, so they have always pushed me to do good in school, so I always try my best. I definitely think growing up as a Latina definitely played a huge role in my
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